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About us


Described by Lonely Planet as ‘not just the best museum in Ireland but one of the best in Europe’, the Chester Beatty is the pre-eminent Irish museum promoting the appreciation and understanding of world cultures with holdings of manuscripts, rare books, and other treasures from Europe, the Middle East, North Africa and Asia. An engaging and welcoming space, visitors from Ireland and overseas will find permanent and temporary displays, an intercultural learning programme and a broad variety of public activities for all ages and backgrounds. 

Image of the Sacred Traditions gallery on the second floor of the museum

A vibrant National Cultural Institution, the Chester Beatty also reaches out to the culturally diverse communities in Ireland. By drawing upon and interpreting the wonderful collections, the museum actively engages with the newest members of our society.

Once the private library of Sir Alfred Chester Beatty (1875 – 1968), a successful American mining engineer, collector and philanthropist, the Chester Beatty is also today a research library for scholars from all over the world.

Image of the Chester Beatty orientation and information sign
Image of a folded book from Burma, CBL Bu 1207
Image of the Ruzbihan Qur'an, mid 16th century, Shiraz, CBL Is 1558
Image of a Qur'an on display at the Chester Beatty

Mission Statement

To care for, research, share and promote the Chester Beatty collections fostering understanding, engagement and curiosity.

An Introduction to the Chester Beatty