Image of palm leaf folded book CBL InE 1504

Papyrus & Palm Leaf

Papyrus was the primarily writing material in Egypt from at least c. 2900 BC until c. 1000 AD. Surviving remarkably well in the desert sands, documents and manuscripts written thousands of years ago continue to be uncovered revealing much about the beliefs and everyday lives of ancient civilisations and the Chester Beatty Collection includes texts written in Hieroglyphics, Hieratic, Demotic, Greek, Coptic, Latin and Arabic.

Palm leaf folded book
CBL InE 1504


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  • Image of Book of Joshua, 300-350 AD, Dishna (Egypt), CBL Cpt 2019.8

    Book of Joshua
    300-350 AD
    Dishna (Egypt)
    CBL Cpt 2019.8

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  • Image of Greek Grammar and Graeco Latin Lexicon, 300-400 AD, Dishna (Egypt), CBL BP XXI ff.10&13

    Greek Grammar and Graeco-Latin Lexicon
    300-400 AD
    Dishna (Egypt)
    CBL BP XXI ff.10&13

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  • Image of Numbers, c. 150 AD, Egypt, CBL BP VI f.10

    c. 150 AD
    CBL BP VI f.10

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  • Image of Papyrus and leather bookbinding, c300-350 AD, Dishna (Egypt), CBL-Cpt-2020

    Papyrus and leather bookbinding
    c. 300-350 AD
    Dishna (Egypt)
    CBL Cpt 2020

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  • Image of Papyrus fragments, 6th-8th-century, Aphrodito (Egypt), CBL Cpt 2177.93 96

    Papyrus fragments
    6th-8th century
    Aphrodito (Egypt)
    CBL Cpt 2177.93-96

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  • Image of Judgement of the soul from the Book of the Dead for Lady Neskons, c300 BC, Egypt, CBL Pap XXI.4

    Judgement of the soul from the Book of the Dead for Lady Neskons
    c. 300 BC
    CBL Pap XXI.4

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  • Image of Lease of a linen weaving workshop, 335 AD, Panopolis (Egypt), CBL PapPan V

    Lease of a linen-weaving workshop
    355 AD
    Panopolis (Egypt)
    CBL PapPan V

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