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Image of a child making a collage at the Chester Beatty

How to make a phenakistoscope

Join us for a DIY project and learn how to build a phenakistoscope with artist and maker Megan Scott.

This optical toy creates an illusion of movement and Megan chose Japanese umbrellas found in the Edo in Colour exhibition to spin them around. What object will you choose?

Warning: This video contains flashing lights.

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Halloween Activity: Shadow and Light

Explore a spooky forest or a dark attic room with this interactive art project for all ages made with simple household materials.

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Download backgrounds for tracing

How to make a candle holder

Shapes and patterns found across Chester Beatty’s collections were a starting point for this video on how to make an upcycled candle holder. Brighten the evenings with your favourite colours and warm light of this hand-made decoration.

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How to make a decorative frame

Inspired by orange, brown and red falling leaves and floral borders from Persian and Mughal albums, watch this video with artist Jen O’Brien and join her in making your own picture frame adorned with pressed flowers and leaves.

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How to make origami bookmarks

Watch this workshop with artist Heather Gray and learn how to make some amazing bookmarks in a few simple folds. Inspired by Tanabata Festival and Edo in Colour exhibition.

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Sneaky Snakes

Watch this art and craft workshop with artist Heather Gray and learn how to make a slithery snake, using card, scissors, string, and tape.

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How to make a spinning puppet

Bring a puppet to life by building a motor using three simple elements: a battery, a wire and a magnet.

Watch artist Megan Scott create a circuit that makes a puppet, inspired by the Edo in Colour exhibition, spin. Follow the steps and create your own paper toy rotate.

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How to make a dazzling LED fan

Spark your creativity with this workshop on making your own Japanese paper fan with a twist. Using conductive ink, LEDs and craft materials we will design a fan that will keep you cool in the day and keep you looking cool at night.

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How to make a surimono zine

Watch this video and make an 8-page zine inspired by the Japanese prints in the Chester Beatty collections.

Surimono prints combine poetry and images. They were made in small numbers by poetry clubs and shared among friends, much like contemporary zines.

Why not post your finished zine to a friend?

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How to draw fashion

Do you like playing with colours and patterns? Are you interested in design? Then why not watch this workshop with Roxana Manouchehri and learn how to draw fashion.

Short drawing warm-ups are followed by a look at some costume prints from the Chester Beatty collection to lead way to creating your own fashion drawing.

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How to make a picture book

Artist Jen O’Brien takes a closer look at Japanese artist Utamaro’s illustrations from the ‘Picture book of selected insects’ to create her own picture book.

Starting with drawing, this video introduces mixed media technique to capture the beauty of the natural world.

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How to draw a landscape with elephants

Artist Roxana Manouchehri chose elephants from the Chester Beatty collection as an inspiration for this video.

Follow her and learn how to draw a landscape with elephants, their long trunks, large heads with wide flat ears, an enormous body with column-like legs.

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How to make a kite

Do you like to combine arts and crafts? If the answer is yes, this video is perfect for you.

Follow artist Heather Gray and learn how to assemble your own kite from recycled materials.

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How to make a treasure box

Looking for a special place for all of your keepsakes and memorabilia? Why not create one yourself?

Follow the steps recorded in this video by artist Jen O’Brien to make a container for your treasures.

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How to make a potato print pattern

Join artist Heather Gray and make your own ornamental paper to pack your gifts or use as personal stationery.

Heather refers to traditional Japanese patterns to create this video on making potato stamps to decorate paper.

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Folding book workshop  

Follow artist Heather Gray in this recorded workshop and make a folding book to celebrate the year of the Ox.

Learn how to write the Chinese character for Ox and fill your book with images of this methodical and inspiring animal.

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How to draw a Daruma doll

The Daruma Doll is one of the most iconic symbols of Japan. It is modelled after Bodhidharma, a founder of Zen Buddhism, and is a symbol of good luck and perseverance.

Inspired by the Daruma images found in the museum’s Japanese collection, watch artist Ari Ahmad create an image of a Daruma Doll.

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How to make a wishing wreath 

Get the family together and create a wishing wreath full of good intentions and wishes.

Follow artist Jen O’Brien and learn how to create hand stencils, charms and other recycled bits and pieces.

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How to make a STEAMpunk plague doctor mask

Join us to watch the STEAMpunk Plague Doctor Mask with artist and maker, Megan Scott.

Inspired by the costumes of Renaissance plague doctors, we will create our own bird-like mask. Why not give STEAM a punk-twist to this moving macabre mask?

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How to create an origami basket

Create and decorate these charming origami baskets with artist Megan Scott. 

These beautiful and simple paper baskets can be used for your own trinkets or for small gifts to a loved one over the festive period. 

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How to make a hanging owl decoration

Follow artist Heather Gray in this recorded video and make an adorable owl to decorate your window or a wall.

Use recycled materials you can find around your home. This family friendly decoration workshop is a hoot!

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How to create a crayon etching: Scratching the Surface

Watch artist Megan Scott in her creative and experimental approach to line drawing.

Inspired by the carvings found in the museum’s jade books collections, this online tutorial explores how to create an etching-style artwork using simple art material.

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How to create contemporary ikebana (flower arrangement)

Inspired by Japanese ikebana, the art of flower arranging, artist Jen O’Brian created this multi-sensory activity which considers colours, smells and textures.

Embrace the shapes of the wild and create an art piece – stylish, simple and sophisticated.

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How to make a nature journal - Family Workshop

Join us to watch the Nature Journal workshop, with artist Jen O’Brien.

Learn how to make a concertina album. Why not use it to record your personal observations of flora and fauna, including drawings, collage arrangements and notes?

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How to make finger puppets - Family Workshop

View this recorded workshop with Roxana Manouchehri and follow the steps to make your own finger puppets out of paper, glue and markers.

You can look at our wonderful collection online to get your creative juices flowing.

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How to make a Boater Hat

Join artist Heather Gray for this recording of her Boater Hats workshop.

This activity inspired by the annual Bloomsday Festival, is perfect for the whole family so why not follow Heather and make your own hat.

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How to make a Star Festival streamer

During the Tanabata Festival, also known as the Star Festival, people all over Japan write wishes on small paper strips and hang them on bamboo branches or other ‘wish’ trees.

Watch this video prepared by artist Jen O’Brien and follow the steps to create your own Tanabata streamer. What wish will you make?

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How to marble paper

This video combines art and science, and shows you how to make your own marbled paper.

Get your crafts station ready and follow the instructions of artist Megan Scott.

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How to make a 3D centipede

Join us and learn about the great adventures of mythical hero Tawara Tōda.

Follow artist Heather Gray and build a giant centipede

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How to build a kaleidoscope

Watch this video prepared by Jen O’Brien and find out how to build your very own kaleidoscope at home.

This is a great activity for everyone interested in mix of art and science.

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How to make an illuminated portrait

Inspired by many illuminated manuscripts housed in the Chester Beatty, artist Megan Scott introduces a contemporary take on the art of illumination.

Watch this video and learn how to create your own shimmering portrait.

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How to make a Koinobori (traditional Japanese paper fish)

Watch this arts and craft demonstration with
artist Heather Grey and learn how to make your own traditional Japanese fish to celebrate Children’s Day inspired by the Chester Beatty Collection.

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