Storytelling for Children

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Image of a large group of children all sitting around a storyteller wil a drawing of the Gruffalo and a mouse in the background

The Brave Little Tailor

Join us for a bi-lingual storytelling and puppetry session. Our hand-puppet Katie Caterpillar loves adventure stories. She dreams of being a unicorn or a dragon when she grows up.

Listen with her as Simone Schuemmelfeder from StoryGate tells a German tale of a little tailor who has big plans, but must face giants, wild beasts and a treacherous king before his dreams come true.

(Age group 6/7+)

Watch Video Here

The Boastful Crow

Meet a curious hand-puppet Gimme, the baby-vulture, who wants to be the best flyer in the world and Simone Schuemmelfeder from StoryGate to hear the story of The Boastful Crow who challenged a goose to a flying competition. Who will win?

(Age group 3+)

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The Story of Snowflake

The long evenings are a perfect time for some tales and fables.

Meet storyteller Róisín Murphy and delve into much-loved winter stories that have been passed down through the generations, from countries all over the world.

Róisín will introduce us to Ivan and Maire, and their daughter Snowflake.

Watch Video Here

Irish Fairy Tales Part III: The Story of the Sea Woman

Róisín Murphy comes back with the final Irish tale about a family from the west coast of Ireland.

Listen to the story and discover why the fisherman’s wife was so different from everyone in the village and why she was so passionate about the sea.

Watch Video Here

Irish Fairy Tales Part II: The Story of Bran and Sceolan

Storyteller Róisín Murphy shares a tale of Fionn Mac Cumhaill and his hounds: Bran and Sceolan.

Learn about the special connection between Fionn and his dogs and how they introduced the Fianna leader to the love of his life, Sadhbh.

Watch Video Here

Irish Fairy Tales Part I: Fianna’s Strange Night

Join storyteller and actress, Róisín Murphy, as she recounts the adventures of four friends of the Fianna in the woods and lakes of Killarney.

Practise your cúpla focail as you make acquaintance with Diarmuid, Cian, Conán and Fiachra.

Watch Video Here

The Tortoise and the Hare / La Tartaruga e la Lepre

Watch and listen to the well-known story of The Tortoise and the Hare from Aesop’s Fables with Francesca la Morgia of Mother Tongues Ireland in English and Italian.

Guarda e ascolta la storia della lepre e della tartaruga tratta dalle Fiabe di Esopo. Le storie sono lette in inglese e in italiano da Francesca La Morgia, Mother Tongues Ireland.

Watch Video Here (English)

Guarda il video (Italiano)

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