Live online workshop for families: Tactile Book

Live online workshop for families: Tactile Book

Re-imagining The Princess and the Pea, let us create a tangible tale. The flamboyant fabrics of this fairy-tale will bring your book to life!

This workshop is suitable for all but designed specifically for children who are visually impaired.

In association with the Festival of Curiosity.

Suggested Materials:
When thinking about your tactile book it is good to consider touch, smell and texture. This workshop will introduce parents and guardians to tactile books and the wonderful experience they provide for children living with a visual impairment. Collect items that intrigue you from your house and nature. When choosing fabrics think of fruit netting, old clothes, sheets, curtains, pillow cases, old toys and teddy’s! Different feelings such as silk, wool, velvet, fishnet, tassels etc. You can also source different materials in a fabric shop.

– Fabrics (A variety of textures)
– Some fluffy material, be it an old teddy, carpet or bought fluff
– Small beads too (optional and only used with a guardian)
– Wooden sticks or garden twigs
– Leaves and flowers (think of touch and smell)
– A3 heavy weight paper or card no less than 300 gsm (3 sheet, any colour)
– A3 Card (think of old boxes or even foamboard)
– Scissors (for the guardian or parent use only)
– All purpose glue (for the guardian or parent use only)
– Glue stick
– Black posca marker or fine point
– Hole puncher
– Ribbons
– String
– And yes do bring peas! Long beans, frozen pees or all types, the choice is yours.
– A bag, box or big envelope for collected items.

Optional extra:
– Crepe paper (for the book cover)

You can also choose to just sit back and watch the workshop without making anything if you wish.

You can create tactile books with very few materials. This introduction to tactile books offers a range of options for you to choose from for future tactile creations.

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