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Online Tours for Heritage Week

Join us this Heritage Week for a series of In Focus Tours centred around the book.

Samaritan Manuscript Production: In-Focus audio tour with Julia Poirier, Book and Paper Conservator
Manuscripts and bindings made by the Samaritan community in Palestine and the diaspora from Egypt and Syria between the 12th and the 16th centuries, represent a little-known bookmaking tradition, which is related to but independent from other Mediterranean manuscript traditions.

First Impressions: The Importance of a Binding – In-Focus audio tour with Mary O’Riordan
Discover the stories behind book bindings; from form to function as well as beauty and embellishment over the centuries. Materials and styles varied greatly in different cultures, and the patrons whose books they were made for played an important role.

Septuagint and the Story of Joseph – In Focus audio tour with Diana Delia
The Septuagint is the earliest translation of the Old Testament from the Hebrew into Koine Greek. It was most likely translated for the Jewish community in Egypt in the 3rd century BC, when Greek was the lingua franca throughout the region. The Chester Beatty collection includes some of the oldest surviving Greek copies of the Book of Genesis, dated to 3rd and 4th century. Listen to our Guide Diana Delia, as she relates the story of Joseph and his brothers as described in the Septuagint.

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