Borrowing from the collection

The Chester Beatty is committed to broadening access to its world class collections to museums in Ireland and around the world. We welcome requests to borrow objects from the collections.

Preliminary Enquiries

An initial request should first be made to the relevant Curator. Queries can be made via the museum’s website here. Curatorial staff can advise about the selection and general availability of objects for loan. Preliminary research should be carried out well in advance of the required notice period and where possible visiting the museum to view the objects under consideration is recommended.

Submitting an Official Request

It is desirable that a formal request is received by the Director of the Chester Beatty no less than twelve months before the exhibition is scheduled to open. Changes to or additions to the venues or the agreed object list will not normally be considered after the approval procedure. The formal request should include as much of the following information as possible:

  • Title of the Exhibition
  • Exhibition venue(s) and dates
  • Organiser’s name, address and contact details
  • Scope of the exhibition
  • List of objects requested (with opening if requesting a codex), where possible quoting the Chester Beatty inventory number
  • Reasons for inclusion of the museum’s objects

Any subsequent changes to these details must be confirmed in writing

Official loan request should be sent to:

Director’s Office
Chester Beatty
Dublin Castle
D02 AD92

All formal loan requests will be acknowledged with a letter from the Director’s office.

Additional Information Required

Before a request is brought before the Board of Trustees, a Facilities Report detailing the physical environment must be submitted and approved. Please complete either the US standard facilities report or UKRG facilities report and the UKRG security supplement. For loans which will be displayed in a case, please also include a completed UKRG Display case supplement.

For templates of these documents, please contact the Registrar, Felicia Tan at:

Borrowers wishing to insure the loan by either State Indemnity or commercial insurance must also submit the insurance policy for consideration. All commercial insurance and indemnity must provide ‘All Risks’ and ‘Nail to Nail’ coverage.

Loan Costs

Borrowers are required to cover all costs connected with the loan. These include, but are not limited to:

  • Crate rental
  • Transport
  • Agent fees
  • Insurance
  • Courier costs (hotel and per diem)
  • Conservation treatment (if required)
  • Digital photography (if required)

We will inform the borrower of any other costs related to the loan as early as possible.

The Cheater Beatty also charges a set rate for crate rental and fit out, mounting and framing of loose folios. Please see the table of standard charges below:

Image of CB borrowing from the collection charges

For further information please read our Loan Policy and Conditions of Loan documents below:

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Chester Beatty
Dublin Castle
Dublin 2
D02 AD92